“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy…Today a Saviour has been born to you.” Luke 10: 10 -11
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Iain, Anne, Chris & Wilma
The Atholl Centre, Pitlochry

 We've got guests in both apartments over Christmas and New Year, but the staff are getting some time off:) Please pray they have a restful time & experience God's blessing as they stay here.

 This month there was quite a bit of progress on the downstairs en-suites and yesterday they came to measure for the new windows, Praise God the Council allowed us to install good quality PVCU frames. Permission for that was one of the delays. The other delay is due to asbestos. Although we had a report from a few years ago, they hadn't noticed everything that was there and thought it was lower grade than it is. So the official asbestos people are coming on the 7th Jan. The place has to be closed off for a few days and then an air quality test done after that. When all this is over there will be a mad rush to get everything else done in time. So please pray for that. Curtains, wetwall & flooring are already chosen so at least that will not delay anything. 

All the community groups have now stopped for Christmas, but we have been inundated with cards & gifts, so thank you for your generosity. Thanks especially to those who have donated to the food bank. CAP, social work and citizen's advice have all been referring over the year. Christmas can be a time of great need at home as well as abroad.