6th December, 2010

It's really cold and the snow is thick on the ground. The main roads have been cleared and the A9 is open, but the trains and buses are still unreliable. Our weekend group (40 people) had to cancel as did all events during the week but one (children's christmas crafts). Even the Council of Management was cancelled for tomorrow as people are having trouble digging their cars out! The intrepid Glynnis still made it from the back of beyond into work last week and this, so it shows what can be done with a lot of determnation and a four wheel drive. Still, more chance to catch up on admin as emails aren't snow reliant and the post seems to be working fine. A great big thank you is due as we have received quite a few donations as a result of Iain's appeal at the BU assembly. This is really encouraging as we realise how much support and goodwill towards us there is out there. Next year's weekend bookings are filling up nicely, but there's still plenty of room midweeks, so if you have a midweek conference or holiday in mind, please think of us.

It looks like we won't have the new boiler in for Christmas, as we're still waiting for a technical certificate before it can go through building control, but it's in process, which is  good. Please pray for Hugh, our works supervisor, and the different specialists involved as they co-ordinate their plans, ready for the start of work. We've already noticed the chalet is warmer since the walls were insulated, so it's good to see tangible improvements.