27th April, 2011

Ok, it's a bit late to say it, but Happy Easter anyway. I can't believe it's been a whole month since I last wrote. How time flies when you're having fun ... well it definitely flies, that's for sure. Since I last wrote we've had 3 groups in at weekends and a couple of families staying in the self catering flat for their Easter holidays. The weekend with UFM was particularly busy with over 80 people as day visitors on the Saturday and several people staying for the whole conference from Friday to Sunday. Many had booked B & B in town well in advance thinking the Centre rooms would be all taken, so unfortunately for us we still had rooms to spare. It's a lesson in co-ordination for next year. However they all ate here and were ecstatic about the food. We also had a Healthy Living Day last Thursday supported by Perth & Kinross voluntary services, inviting the general public for taster sessions of massage, Tai Chi etc. and over Thurs night/Fri morning a Duke of Edinburgh mixed ability group. One girl was in a wheelchair and stayed overnights till Sunday while the others camped. Then from the Friday a family group of 24 celebrating an 85th birthday. It feels as if it's been non-stop.

 Preparation for the open days is coming along, with adverts out on email to all our contacts and through the BU, and posters on all the public noticeboards in Pitlochry. We even had an interview for Heartland radio, our local radio station, which was broadcast on Sunday and will be repeated next week.  The Climate Challenge Fund have agreed to man a stall  on the 10th to give tips on going green and the forestry commission have just sent an  interesting looking parcel which I've still to open. Still lots to do, but it's looking good, so don't forget to come: Thurs 5th May from 2 - 4pm and Tues 10th from 10.30 - 3.30.