27th October, 2011

The autumn colours have been wonderful inspite of a largely wet but warmer than ususal autumn. The Enchanted Forest is nearly finished and Perthshire Amber just about to start. There is also a wildlife festival this autumn with lots of fascinating guided walks (2 on funghi recently!) and help seeing the local birds and beasts. It's great living here. We don't need to travel to benefit from all these events. I really enjoyed this year's enchanted forest, in a different venue this time with the twist of being able to view the whole thing from a high viewpoint as well as walk through it. Actually Pitlochry's not that far from most places in Scotland (1h30 - 2h by car) and we're on the main London to Inverness train line and bus route, so it's easy to get here.You should come and visit.

We're feeling very international just now as a couple of weekends ago we had mostly African ladies from the 7th day Adventist church (the folks in the flat really loved their singing) and today a group from the Tamil (South India & Sri Lanka) church in Glasgow is arriving.

Last week I was at a fundraising training event. It was really good to meet professional fundraisers & see how committed they wre to their causes ranging from Historic Scotland to the Archie Foundation (sick kids). The main speaker used to work for the Aberlour Trust (Children with Autism) and had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Hopefully it will help the Centre as we fundraise for our 40th anniversary project and as we fundraise for our subsidy fund. We're very grateful to the Soutar Trust for their donation of £2000 for our subsidy fund this week, which will help many less able or less advantaged people to have a life-changing conference or holiday here.