16th March, 2010

Well, I'm back. We're into spring now and have had groups from Central Baptist church in Dundee and Abbey Green Family Weekend from Lesmahagow over the last 2 weekends.The families had great fun with their table tennis competition. Any guesses whether age triumphed over youth or the other way round. Today Baptist Minister's wives are arriving for a couple of days. This is a chance for them to share the challenges that are unique to surviving life as the family of a minister and encourage each other in what is often an unsung service to the church.This is where Iain has to do a juggling act with all the public rooms as we try to accommodate our day groups and residential groups at the same time. On Thursday for example we'll have the minister's wives, arthritis care and the WA soup lunch all at the same time. This morning it's TEFL, adult literacy , missionary prayer group and minister's wives committee meeting - and the pump for the heating has gone on the blink. Just as well we're getting it replaced later this year! Meanwhile it's musical portable radiators to keep people warm till the man comes to fix the problem later on today. Chris is kept busy on house and now we have some local girls helping with dishes in the evenings and on weekends.Next weekend it's the Prayer Chain Ministry. The flat is being well used as well and people seem to be quite impressed with it. It's now advertised with VisitScotland and they have given it 2 stars.

  The weather is getting milder and as well as snowdrops we've now got a few crocuses coming into bloom, but I haven't seen any daffodils yet. The swans have returned to the culc (local woodland pond) but they're a bit limited as it's still got a lot of ice on it.It is lovely to see things coming to life again.We're so lucky to have such beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife here. Hopefully we'll be able to share some of it with you as I hope to introduce a nature/wildlife page to the website soon.

Still moving ahead with the plans for a new bio-fuel boiler & solar panels - we're applying for planning permission now. We recently received a grant to help us get a buildings survey and business plan done, so that can go ahead now. It'll be really good to be able to show on paper how the Centre can move forward. Got to go. Lots of other things to do. Till next time.