Today's the Day!
Today our crowdfunding campaign goes live. The culmination of weeks of preparation we're so happy to finally get it up & running. Take a look at:

We really appreciate the way you all support us
...and there are many ways people support the Atholl Centre:

Volunteering  - thank you. You help with daily tasks or offer specialist skills such as gardening, electrical, plumbing, DIY, baking and illustration.
Using the Centre Thank you. Some of you make a point of using the Centre for your group event or personal holiday so you can help us support vulnerable people.
Telling your Friends Thank you to all of you who tell your friends  & colleagues about us
Training Thank you to all of you who give us specialist advice & training & help us network
Prayer Support Thank you to everyone who prays for us & for the groups who use us
Fundraising Thank you for taking part in challenges such as marathons or cycle events, or holding coffee mornings, helping with bagpacks or putting on music & drama performances.
And Yes - some of you donate and have been doing so for many years. Thank you too.

So what's different about this appeal?
Well, first of all it's largely on the internet.
We were awarded a grant from Santander to pay a social media intern for 3 months and after quite a few applicants & 2 sets of interviews we appointed Michal

 Michal caught our attention because he was very enthusiastic about telling stories through video as a way of interacting with the public and drawing new people to our cause as well as  enthusing our current supporters. So as well as making the main video on our crowdfunding platform he plans to make a series of cameos telling stories about the people who come to the Centre. That's another way some people have helped us, by the way - by being willing to be interviewed & tell their story. 3 of our cameos have already been released,2 of them filmed & edited by Michal and one filmed by amateurs & edited by Peter Murray from the Media Trust. We hope you enjoy diving into Centre life throughout this campaign.  Here's a wee taster:
 A big thank you to some of the ladies from Pitlochry Baptist Church WA:) You were brilliant!

A huge well done and thank you to Jim, John, David and Iain for sharing this amazing story with us:) “Emergency Scout Rescue summer 2014.”

Atholl Centre - bringing people together.A quick introduction to what we do here. Thanks to Peter Murray from the Media Trust for editing our first attempts at video making.

Secondly, on crowdfunding platforms you receive rewards and are publicly acknowledged for giving donations
This is a way of saying thank you for supporting our project and showing you we appreciate your support. 
Now we know that a good number of our regular supporters might be uncomfortable with this, as you believe strongly that giving should be done quietly and promoting someone else's well-being or happiness is a reward in itself. But don't worry, if you prefer not to be publicly acknowledged or not to receive a reward just email us at when you have donated and we will thank you privately & adhere to your preferences.

So please go to and have a think about how you would like to support us.

If you do wish to donate please donate soon.
Statistics show that if folk who already know a project & have already been inspired by the enthusiasm & dedication of those who are running it donate early in a campaign, it encourages donations from folk who hadn't heard of us yet but come across our project on the internet. So if you were going to donate anyway, then can I please ask you to donate at the beginning of the campaign to inspire others.
Thank you J

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