Have you ever seen leaf cutter ants at work – David Attenborough commentating on how they cut and manoeuver leaves many times their size, scuttling through the undergrowth to carry their burdens safely to the nest so that their young can be fed & nurtured –  feeding them a fungus they grow from the leaf mould I think.
Two weeks into crowdfunding & I must admit it’s been a slow start & I’ve felt discouraged. However as I was thinking & praying about this a picture of a leaf cutter ant came into my head. The ant stumbled a couple of times under its burden, almost dropping it but then continued gamely to the end, finally delivering its leaf to the nest. The platform is up for another 4 weeks, so please donate & help us make this accessible conference room happen.

As I’m writing a guest comes up with a donation. How’s that for encouragement! Thank you so much. While our on-line donations are at £255, off-line donations now stand at £1,300 so progress is better than I thought, but we’ve still a way to go, so I hope you too can offer us some encouragement & support.

Last week we were busy getting ready for a big exhibition in Edinburgh called KIDZ Scotland. It was all about disability living for families with a disabled child & was attended by over a thousand people and about 50 different exhibitors, including Anne & Michal manning a stall for the Atholl Centre. Over 90 people expressed an interest in staying at the Atholl Centre for a respite holiday and among them was at least one disabled school and a few local authorities and charities looking for places to recommend, so overall a very successful day.
Then on Friday it was Anne Pool’s funeral, from Pitlochry Baptist, & as well as  having some of the guests staying at the Centre everyone dropped tools to muck in & help prepare the funeral tea here. It was such a lovely occasion & a fitting tribute to Anne, who we remember dearly.
Going Solo group filled our weekend with friendly chatter & companionable meals & now we’re back in the office on Monday ready for another week. 
Here's our newest video - about the garden. Just one more reason why we invite you to support us. Hope you like it:)

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