Mon 19th Oct
Thank you to everyone who gave during our crowdfunding campaign. In the last week with additions to both on-line and off-line donations we jumped from  £2,330 to £6,638. That is amazing. And even better, we discovered that when this was added to the donations to our building fund since April this year, we have raised over £10,000 through private giving. That is incredible. What brilliant supporters we have & what a brilliant God. This means that aiming for our conference room target of £110,000 to start building we have now raised £89,800. We're well on our way, but £20,200 still to go, so please keep on praying. PS. Wow - another £150 arrived this morning! Thank you so much.

This week has been the second of 3 weeks of the Atholl Gallery craft fair which is held twice a year at the Centre. Local artists & crafters use this opportunity to sell their hand-made goods, with 20%  of their profits going to charity each time. It's a great encouragement to local folk whether their crafts are a hobby and people buying their work gives them pleasure & confidence or part of their small business giving them a new shop window and it's good to see people working together for mutual benefit. Our latest video goes behind the scenes at the Gallery & The Rotary Young Artist of the Year Competition as the Atholl Centre promotes creativity in our community.

Also this week we've been busy with B&B as Enchanted Forest gets into it's stride.This year's show is called Flux - yet more fascinating creations in light & sound to delight audiences. The story telling Yurt is there again & a graceful acrobat dances in the air above the loch.They're anticipating 55,000 visitors this year and it fairly extends the "season" in Pitlochry. 

The fact that as well as residential groups & community groups we do seasonal B&B helps us play a part in the town's tourist industry - Pitlochry's main economic identity. Participating in Pitlochry Partnership we network in our local business community where it's good to help each other out. Did you know 2 local coffee shops offered vouchers for coffee & cake to add to our crowdfunding campaign? And when a primary school ski trip threatened to go belly up last year due to the snow gates being closed it was the local fish & chip shop who knocked on our door for help. Being in a tourist area also means when you come to visit for your conference or holiday as well as being surrounded by beautiful countryside you're never stuck for something to do. So hope you can come & see us sometime.

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