2nd March, 2011

Well, Simeon has gone home and we're all missing him. Aww! He made a brilliant tourist guide for a Pitlochry walk from the Centre to Moulin, with a wee spiel about all the sights on the way. He spent ages reading up on it all and then used publisher to make it.

The boiler's now installed, and it is on course to be operational in the next few days. We're now waiting for a wood pellet hopper to arrive and get set up before it can have its maiden run. The solar panels are up and connected too. Can't wait.

We had deacons from Dundee Central in last weekend. They raved about the food - especially Iain's porridge! - and seemed to have a profitable time here. Some hadn't been to the Centre for a few years and were really surprised  and pleased at all the changes we've made. Prior to them it was the SU young leaders' training, who were a self catering group. Largely due to Iain's good management, no-one has had cause to complain about the heating during the changeover of the boilers. He's been running about setting up electric heaters and portable gas fires to make sure every room being used is cosy, especially during the cold weather.

The sun is out now and it is actually 10 degrees today - something that cheers us all up.

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